The core of our entire effective production is a HWS Seiatsu HSP-1D. With the latest control system (Siemens S7) regarded it as one of Europe's most modern forming plants of this type. Traryds Metal has about 2500 articles posted in HWS'en and each article has a unique forming process using a tested recipe. The process consists of a certain weighed quantities of sand dropped into the model in two different layers, with a finely divided sand, and a filler with sand. If necessary, depending on the design of the model starts forming process with one or more time-controlled air flows through the sand to access elevation changes and tricky areas. Then pressed down the sand with a press plate to a preset value. The model is blown clean after each shutter and cycle time of an entire sand mold is under one minute.

Forming paste is a green sand; silica sand mixed with bentonite, water and soot. Mixing plant is the brand Webac and is a fully automated facility. The sand content and quality checked continuously.

- Bottle size interior dimensions: 760x500x200 / 200 (Ability to +50 mm top)
- Number of bottles in the shape line: 59 pcs
- Freight Weights: 0.1-100 kg
- Cycle time: 59.7 s

We also have a hand molding line for more details and / or small series where forming material is quartz sand mixed with water glass + hardener.

We are happy to help in prototype castings where we have good contacts in 3D milling out of sand molds.

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