The company Frid Metall AB was founded in 1945 and has been run by two generations of family Frid. In late 2013 the company was taken over net assets and name of Traryds Metall AB. The former owner Bengt Frid currently works as a consultant for Traryds Metall AB.

The company is certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas for casting of the propeller blades to ship propellers. Production is focused on short runs with high strength requirements. The specialty is aluminum bronze with high strength requirements, such as leaves and other details to the adjustable ship propellers. Other products are mainly for the engineering industry in bronze and aluminum. On Frid Metall AB cast also works in bronze.

Production Experience at Frid Metall AB
- Production of sand castings in aluminum and copper alloys
- Paragraph weights from 50g to 1000kg
- Bottlesizes up to 2000x2000mm

Alloy Types of Frid Metall AB
- Aluminium Bronze: Saltwater resistant high strength
- Pewter Bronze: Corrosion resistant with good storage properties
- Gun Metal: Corrosion resistant for pump and valve goods
- Pure copper: high electrical conductivity
- Aluminum: For lightweight structures

Our partners:
  1. Traryds Metall AB
  2. Gränsvägen 4, 287 34, Strömsnäsbruk, Sweden
  3. email:
  4. tel: +46 433-74880
  5. fax: +46 433-21602