The interest from our customers has increased about from where we buy the metal. We buy from metal producers that recycle metal. The metal producers we buy from are in EU countries (Spain, England, Germany). We also purchase back our own manufactured and used parts. We comply with the European Standard EN 1982: 2008, according sand castings for our copper alloys and uses Certified metal in due form according to the European standard.

Melting of gunmetal and tennbronser mainly takes place in our 2 inductothermugnar, with capacity 850 kg of molten metal each. Melting time from charging to bottling is about 35 minutes and then we also analyze the melt to ensure quality. The analysis is done in a spectrometer where we get the exact content of the melt and then be able to make an adjustment the final analysis. In 2013 was invested in a small furnace to increase the flexibility of other metals. It enabled the melting and casting of zinc, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass and more.

Our partners:
  1. Traryds Metall AB
  2. Gränsvägen 4, 287 34, Strömsnäsbruk, Sweden
  3. email:
  4. tel: +46 433-74880
  5. fax: +46 433-21602